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Cargo surveys

  • Commodities such as grains, cocoa, coffee, rice, wool, timber, steel, cotton, rubber, plastics etc.
  • Dry products
  • Liquid products
  • Perishable goods (fruits, vegetables, frozen products, etc.)

Note: specialised in bananas

Cargo loss control

  • Outturn surveys
  • Pre-shipment surveys
  • Vessel loading and discharge supervision
  • Heavy lift cargoes
  • Vessel and hold inspection (e.g. cleanliness, suitability for particular shipments, etc.)
  • Loading, stowage, lashing and securing
  • Project material

All CMR related surveys


  • Cargo, machinery, warehousing, stevedoring companies,
  • Handling and storage, etc.
  • Carriers liability
  • Forwarders liability
  • Stevedores liability

Marine jobs

  • Bunker surveys
  • Draught surveys
  • On-/off-hire surveys
  • Pre-entry/purchase condition surveys of vessels
  • Suitability of ships for transport of certain commodities (e.g. reefer ships to carry bananas)

Fire, flood hazards

Loss prevention

  • Warehouse inspections
  • Risk evaluation
  • Risk prevention


Consultants on transport related risks

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