AMACS is a firm providing technical surveys and consultancy, for both Marine and non-Marine (cargo) insurers and industry.

We hold a strong position in the soft commodities and perishables sector. Furthermore, we also have vast experience in other cargo such as: (OCTG) steel products, pharmaceuticals equipment, machinery, wood-products, vehicle (component) inspections, etc.

Channel Trade adopts a different approach by collaborating with clients to coordinate / develop adequate transport solutions for their specific cargo. This service ranges from consultancy to the monitoring of the operational side of transport chain from origin to destination.

We offer a broad range of services as listed below:

Cargo surveys

  • Hard and soft commodities.
  • Dry products.
  • Liquid (gas) products.
  • Perishable goods (fruits, vegetables, frozen products, etc.)
  • Heavy lift cargoes.
  • Project cargo.
  • Steel products (specialised in tubular cargo)
  • Automotive machinery and parts
  • Surveys for the Belgian Court of Commerce.
Note: specialised in cocoa, coffee and rice.

Loss prevention

  • Pre-shipment surveys.
  • Outturn surveys.
  • Loading and discharge supervisions.
  • Vessel and hold inspection (e.g. cleanliness, suitability for shipments, etc.)
  • Loading, stowage, lashing and securing.
  • Salvage sales.


  • Cargo, machinery, warehousing, stevedoring companies.
  • Handling and storage, etc.
  • Carriers liability.
  • Forwarders liability.
  • Stevedores liability.

Marine jobs

  • Bunker surveys.
  • Draught surveys.
  • On-/off-hire surveys.
  • Pre-entry/purchase condition surveys of vessels.
  • Suitability of ships for transport of certain commodities.


  • Consultancy on transport related risks.
  • Packaging inspection and durability/integrity assessment for all intermodal transport.
  • Developing transport solutions for specific cargo requirements.
  • Issuing transport guideline reports.
Note : Specialised in transport of all oil and gas related (steel) products.


  • Sail / race yacht condition surveys
  • Sail and sailing equipment inspections
  • Sail / race yacht transport consultancy
  • All round race support


  • Warehouse inspections
  • Risk evaluation
  • Risk prevention

Coming soon

We will be expanding our services soon,